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Work Stream & Functions

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Activity Coordination Team

Integrates all the plans and activities of all the sub-committees, monitors and reports weekly on actual progress and or challenges, highlights and motivates respective team on the key activities of the committee.

Volunteer Management Team

Collate the list of volunteers, motivates and assigns them mainly by location, shares objectives and plans, highlights the weekly targets for their sub teams, follows up with selected leads, motivates the volunteers per location.

Funding Team

Design the framework for funding generation from all employee cadres adopting the top down and bottom up approach. Defines target per week (exponential targets based on the minimum target of N30m) and how to achieve it. Conduct stakeholder analysis to provide informed direction.

Research Team

Researches what existing benchmark associations are doing (end to end as per our sub-committees), integrate and advises the secretariat on learnings. Recommend the most appropriate location for distribution in phases based on projected collection, carryout out needs analysis and determine when to distribute support and palliatives.

Finance and Reporting Team

Collates and tracks all donations in the bank account, reports progress on collection against weekly target plan, highlights areas to focus more campaign and engagement, defines framework for expenditures of other team, facilitate the release of fund release to the procurement team, distribution/logistics team and others as may be required, prepares team account on a weekly basis for all collection and expenditure.

Research Team

Coordinates communication, develops campaigns to passionately reach out to key stakeholders. Develops stakeholder mapping and tailors campaigns towards them using activity plans from other team. Designs posters and campaign mediums, works with the ERP team on how to extract mileage for NLNG during distribution as proposed by the research and distribution/logistics team.

Technology Team

Identify technologies and social media platforms (in-house and global) to carry out activities of the work stream teams using the stakeholder mapping analysis by the funding team. Drive the use of identified technology platform to set up events, meetings, team and sub-team communication.

Procurement Team

Prepares and plan for procurement of agreed essential needs, working with the research team, and distribution/logistics for end to end integration, defines the safe way for procurement to ensure members apply social distancing and medical precautions.

Distribution/Logistics Team

Analyse selected locations and defines best approach to facilitate the logistics from areas of procurement (or storage) to selected location. Incorporates transport and security structure to drive efficient and hassle free execution.


To define the transition of NEC into a sustainable initiative. Works with research team to identify and draw valuable lessons from other similar initiatives were long established. Define the boundaries for the future, reviews the existing plans of sub teams to ensure NLNG reputation is not impacted, ensures precedence in the current activities are sustainable, and the current activity plan are sustainable.