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gender divide

Balancing the digital gender divide is critical to achieving economic equality

There is a persisting gender gap in the technology and innovation sectors across many countries, as women and girls are continuously underrepresented in STEM

Sans Institute

Women in tech: Heather Mahalik, fellow instructor at Sans Institute

To achieve true progress, we need to educate and empower women with the knowledge that their potential has no limits


Women in tech: Marne Martin, president and chief strategy officer at IFS

You need to be thinking about what your goal is and understand that there are going to be bumps in the road

talabat UAE

Women in tech: Tatiana Rahal, managing director at talabat UAE

Women should appreciate their own value and emulate that belief in everything they feel, think, do or say


Women in tech: Julie Davila, VP of global field CTO operations at Sophos

Focus deeply on enjoying the process of growth of your knowledge, and let time and experience develop your opinions

Women in tech

Women in tech: Ekaterina Kochmar, assistant professor at MBZUAI

The best thing about being a woman in STEM is that you can contribute with a different perspective


Why gender equity in tech matters more than ever

Technology as a tool or platform is by definition gender-agnostic

Women in tech

Rising together: The dividend that women can provide

Women bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table, which can lead to new ideas and approaches


Why diverse teams drive innovation and success

There is a growing recognition of the importance of inclusivity in the workplace


Women in tech: Aliona Geckler, SVP business operations and chief of staff at Acronis

Equal career opportunities, equal pay, a flexible work environment and positive work culture are some of the aspects that attract women to enter tech jobs


Women in tech: Orla Mc Carthy, director of Professional Services – META at Cloudera

Female leaders, play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining female talent


Women in tech: Méliné Eolmezian-Soulie, VP – Marketing and Development at Obvious Technologies

I believe it is easy for a woman to build her way through the industry, considering that there aren’t many women in the tech space


Women in tech: Muna Issa, sales director – High Velocity, UK, Ireland, MEA at HPE

Aspiring women leaders shouldn’t compare their journeys to others and should focus on their strengths and capabilities


Women in tech: Selin Deveci, marketing lead – Middle East and Turkey at Software AG

Learning is the only constant, and so upgrading skills from time to time is extremely vital in this fast-changing sector


Women in tech: Leyla Azizova, co-founder and head of MENA at Wema Health

Carefully assessing the opportunity at hand, speaking to your network and mentors, and weighing out the pros and cons can help you dive into a new business endeavour

Women in tech: Oreabetse Matlhare, founder at The Scalable CFO

Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know, however, be ready to upskill yourself and ask for help


Women in tech: Jane Harvey, co-founder and CEO at Savii

Young girls need role models and as women operating in this space, it is incumbent to show that there is a seat for females at the table


Women in tech: Odette Malkoun, area manager – Levant and North Africa at Milestone Systems

Women must have faith in themselves and forget the stereotype of the industry being male dominated


Women in tech: Joanne Savage, director marketing – EMEA, at Fitbit – Google

An advice to aspiring women leaders would be to embrace your true self and be open about your ambitions

Women in tech: Simran Bagga, vice president at Omnix Engineering and Foundation Technologies

By the year 2030, women can and will be critical to leveraging this revolution to benefit our global society

Women in tech: Sonali Basu Roy, marketing manager at Bulwark Technologies

Women should believe in their capabilities, be quick learners and acquire different skills


Women in tech: Trixie LohMirmand, EVP – Events Management at Dubai World Trade Centre

While the technical skills are core, for women to succeed as leaders in this male-centric industry requires leadership, people and business management competencies

Diversity cybersecurity

Why diversity is vital for a strong cybersecurity team

Cybersecurity is portrayed as a high-stress environment with cutthroat competition, says Deepa Kuppuswamy, information security architect at ManageEngine

Ghada - tech

Women in tech: Ghada Elkeissi, head of Professional Services, Public Sector – MEA at Amazon Web Services

While the tech industry is male-dominated, we have seen progress over the last years and increased awareness of the importance of diversity in the industry

Women in tech: Gina Collignon, VP and head of Marketing at SAP

My advice to women in technology is always be ready to learn and develop, keep an open mind and thrive for excellence in every task you do

Women in business: How gender diversity must be core to hiring

It is crucial to have a balanced workforce when it comes to sharing ideas, leadership and creativity for new projects

Women in tech: Xiaomi’s Cindy Chang

Keep investing in yourself and always keep improving your skillsets no matter the position you’re holding, says Cindy Chang, regional marketing manager, Xiaomi

Women in tech: OPPO’s Lucy Aziz

As women, the biggest asset we have in the sector, is each other, says Lucy Aziz, senior PR and communication manager – OPPO GCC

Women in tech: ServiceNow’s Cathy Mauzaize

Flexible working is so important, when a female needs to embrace a family and a career, says Cathy Mauzaize, VP and general manager, EMEA South, ServiceNow

Women in tech: Stashaway’s Nandini Joshi

With the growth in fintech, there has also been a surge to get women seats in the boardroom and higher leadership positions, says Nandini Joshi, COO, Stashaway